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Google Analytics is often used hand in hand with marketing and advertising, but really analytics is something completely independent.

If marketing and analytics are the players in the game, analytics is the coach who studies tape, averages, and creates a new strategy after every “game” so that the outcomes will only get better and better.

That’s analytics as a broad concept, but Google Analytics isn’t so simple.

What Is Google Analytics?

A simple Google search will tell you that Google launched Google Analytics on November 14, 2005, and in the time since then, this data analysis tool has become one of the most popular analytics devices in the world.

This report suggests that Google Analytics is being used on 28 million websites worldwide.

In the United States, Google Analytics is the top site used for Application Performance, and it’s only continuing to grow as Google continues to roll out more and more features to the tool.

Google Analytics Features

By using digital software integrations tools like APIs, Google Analytics is able to track a website’s data, store it, analyze it, and report it back to the business owner or marketer that’s working with that particular website.

Analytics is complicated because there are a lot of numbers, charts, and other various data points that will affect the reports that you’ll see on your screen, but that doesn’t make Analytics not worth it.

Google Analytics does the work for you. We all can see our data if we apply Google Analytics to our websites. Marketers come into play when it comes to analyzing and eventually making decisions based on the collected, analyzed, and reported data.

What If You Don’t Understand Your Data?

We’ve all been there.

Looking at a data chart full of insights, aimlessly nodding our heads in agreement to whatever we think we’re supposed to see when in reality we see nothing.

We see numbers, colors, and lots of lists.

That’s where we come in at Designz Digital. Our marketing team can help you make sense of the jumbled mess that is your Google Analytics lists, and then we’ll help you make informed decisions for your future marketing endeavors based on the data we’re able to collect with Google Analytics.

Do I Have to Use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an advanced analysis collection and reporting tool that many of the world’s largest marketing companies are using to collect data and understand it.

Designz Digital is no different. We’re well versed in Google Analytics, and we use it to help take our clients to the next level.

However, Google Analytics is not the only tool you can use. We also use Google Tag manager (another tool from Google to help study websites) and even just good old-fashioned Excel spreadsheet analytics to create marketing reports for our clients, depending on their needs.

Closing Thoughts

Marketing is focused on influencing the future, but analytics is focused on understanding the past. Our team is well versed in all of the cutting-edge tools, such as Google Analytics, but we also use other tools like Google Tag manager and even just Excel recording to help our clients get their competitive edge.

Analytics is the systematic analysis of data and statistics in order to discover and interpret patterns with data. If you need a hand in grasping this complex and difficult aspect of business, we’re here for you. You don’t have to become a marketing expert to run a successful business, you might just need a little help.