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Most websites on the internet are lacking.

Some are good attempts, but they’re incomplete. Some are poor attempts that need to be completely re-thought.

Some are just missing a few small elements.

At Designz Digital, we specialize in crafting websites that help our clients stand out on the internet, attract leads, and drive sales.

1. Make sure the website is friendly for “mobile devices”.

60% of all web searches come from mobile devices.

In the mobile digital age, that’s just how it is. As a business owner, you have to adapt to the market conditions around you.

Depending on your industry, there’s a high chance that most of the searches that could include your business are mobile. In some industries, as much as 75% of all searches are mobile.

You have to design a website that is both functional on a desktop and functional on a phone or mobile device. You need a website that can do both.

2. Make your site easy to follow.

The best websites are not complicated. They’re simple, effective, and pleasant to be on.

You need to have all of the relevant information on your site and then you need to have no irrelevant information. You need your ducks in a row and you everything that isn’t a duck off your row.

Relevant information could look like:

  • Your business’s hours and location
  • Your business’s products and services
  • A well-told version of your business’s story
  • A blog that offers insights on your industry and it’s current trends

There are ways to go about this, but this is a good example.

Irrelevant information could look like:

  • Services or products that your business no longer offers
  • A blog that has irrelevant content
  • Words that do not help enhance the story of your business

That leads us to the next point.

3. Not all copywriting is created equal. Use good copy to have a good website.

Bad copywriting looks a lot like a slimy sales pitch.

It looks like “Hey! Buy our product! It’s really great.”

Good copywriting looks like a story that follows a logical progression. A story has a problem that needs to be solved. The copywriting should tell the story, explain why certain solutions are less effective than the desired solution, and then it should offer a product at the end.

Sales pitches are kind of annoying. We get it.

There are so many places you can go for digital content in 2022 that in order to make your website stand out, you need to think story first and sales second.

Everyone offers services, not everyone offers interesting stories.

This is how to actually think about sales first.

4. Showcase attractive videos and photos.

When it comes to digital content, quality beats quantity every time.

1000 crappy Instagram posts do not go as far as 3 good ones. One good video can change the direction of your marketing effort, whereas hundreds of bad posts can make you feel stuck in the mud.

The same is true with your website. Don’t compensate for low-quality images with more low-quality images. Have a few images on your website. Make them nice to look at.

Put a video on the homepage if you want, but don’t shoot in your basement with your iPhone.

You attract what you put out. 

A professional-looking website will attract serious clients. A bad website will attract clients who aren’t what you’re looking for.

5. Optimize your content.

As much as we’d love to tell you that all you need for a great website is a great story and nice pictures, the truth is that search engines care a little bit more than whether or not you used a professional photographer to build your website.

That’s part of what makes it a great idea to use professional marketers like us to get your website ready to go. We’ll help you find the perfect keywords, the perfect concise content, and we’ll make sure your website is optimized in every way possible so that it drives traffic and leads to sales.

Web development is both a science and an art.

You need to work with someone who sees it this way.

Closing Thoughts

We’ve built a lot of websites in our time. We’ve got a lot of experience on our web development team, and we’ve taken many poor websites and turned them into impressive ones.

As a business, your website is your digital home.

You want your digital home to be a good one so that your clients are drawn to it and want to stay on it. We can help you build that.

If you’d like to see some of our work or connect with us to learn more about web development, contact us today.

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